Welcome to ATC Interactive...

Established in 1999, this website provides information on, and access to, the free-of-charge ATC Simulator developed by Vic Day.

The ATC Simulator was first developed under DOS in 1992, as a "hands-on" demonstration of the capabilities foreseen for future ATC radar displays through the ODID work. The original DOS version, was followed by an enhanced 16-bit Windows® version. Additional regional data files were subsequently included. Later, a 32-bit version compatible with improved capabilities for modern hardware and drivers was released in August 1999.

The demonstration has served a purpose which has resulted in improved systems beginning to appear within the Air Traffic Control community. Also, and somewhat unexpectedly, the program has also served as a useful training aid and as a platform for airspace designers to evaluate new route structures and traffic orientations.

The program has reached a stable state where little more can be added to fulfill its original purpose. However, work is proceeding, albeit slowly, on a few updates, to include departure releases and to split the program into a two workstation training tool running over a local network.