ATC Interactive

ATC Interactive has been withdrawn, as of 1st March 2018.

After nearly 20 years, many 1000s of downloads and many satisfied users, it is time to withdraw the site and the software.

After so many years it is to be hoped that ATC has moved forward.

The software is now very old and out of date, and the drive to bring it up to date has proved too demanding.
It was originally developed for 16-bit systems, in Turbo Pascal, rewritten in Turbo C++, then upgraded to 32bit C++ with Borland CBuilder.
Without Borland and their effective and affordable software the application would not have been developed - they deserve credit for providing the means to develop the ideas and freely distribute the developed software for others to see and use.

The software was used in many different and unexpected ways:
- by ATC training establishments, civil and military, including the teaching of procedural control,
- by research establishments,
- by ATC controllers wanting to create their own environment,
- by ATC trainees wanting to practice or learn radar control techniques,
- by pilots, curious how controllers do their job,
- and by countless aviation fans, and those curious to know how ATC works.

For those who contacted me and offered their thanks and support, many thanks to you, I hope you gained something from using the software.

For those who took time to build simulations and sent them forward for use by others: thank you,
for trying the software and evaluating the ideas in an environment of your own, and for demonstrating that the concepts can apply in many different ATC locations.

Thank you all for your support and interest over the years, and goodbye to all.

radar image gif