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The article below (below the line) was written in 2000 when a whole SERIES of fireworks explosions occurred one after the other. Now a new addition comes from astrologer researcher Beverley Ross from Canada, who sent me the following clipping:

Fireworks blast at Chinese school kills at least 40
WebPosted Wed Mar 7 09:04:37 2001
BEIJING - As many as 36 children were killed on Tuesday when a school
in eastern China exploded.
The blast, which destroyed four classrooms in the two-storey school in
the village of Fang Lin about 700 kilometres southwest of Shanghai,
was caused by fireworks, said officials in the province of Jiangxi.

Four teachers were killed. The rest were children between eight and 10
years old. Rescue workers search through the rubble. At least another 30 people were injured by fire or falling debris.
About 200 people were inside the building at 11 a.m. local time, when the explosion happened, and rescue workers said they feared more bodies would be found as they searched the rubble.
State television showed soldiers digging through debris with spades,
or just their bare hands. Eyewitnesses and unofficial reports said students at the school
regularly assembled fireworks on their breaks. Some say the school sold the fireworks to raise money for the school – others say the business was used to line the pockets of the school staff.
Jiangxi, a poor province, is famous for producing fireworks, a process that is notoriously dangerous.
About 60 people died in two separate fireworks-related accidents in
the province last year.
China's cash-strapped rural schools often take measures to generate
funds, and teachers sometimes go for months without pay.
China has suffered a string of explosions and collapses of public
buildings, including schools.
The governor of Jiangxi, who was in Beijing for the annual meeting of
China's legislature, cut short his visit to fly back to the province.
Written by CBC News Online staff

The chart for this explosive moment is astonishing, because what do we see?

The Ascendant-Descendant axis sits RIGHT on the Ic-MC axis of the Enschede chart described below! From now on, 10 Gemini-10 Sagittarius will be the "pyrotechnicsexplosion degrees" for sure. Now, last year, Pluto was on that degree, thereby correlating with the whole SERIES of fireworksexplosions. In the chart above we see Mars dangerously close to the degrees on the Asc/Desc. axis. And lo and behold, the Moon is near the LUNAR NODE position of the charts below (i.e. the explosions last year) It is just impossible to predict these kind of correlations in advance, there are just too many charts and events to watch then, but a pattern is surely emerging here. By the way, the SYMBOL for 10+ degree Gemini on another level is "The power and joy of new beginnings" Out of the fires of course the new will be born.

March 2001.

July 19 1999 a Pyrotechnics plant in Enschede (the Netherlands) received permits for 14 extra containers to hold fireworks. 19 July 1999 was the beginning of Saturn (consequences) square Uranus (freedoms) - a constellation occurring once every almost 45 years (sort of). This waxing Saturn-Uranus square stayed in the "skies" up until May 13, when it was exact for the last time. That day a pyrotechnics plant exploded with catastrophic consequences. However, this was not the end of because within ONE WEEK thereafter, a pyrotechnics plant exploded in Valencia (Spain), in North Dakota (nr Buffalo), in Italy (May 18) and to top it off: May 20 saw a fireworks explosion in a school (Brisbane). On a worldwide scale we had all these fireworks explosions at the time of a pretty tight Saturn-Uranus square, with simultaneously Mars (fire) opposite Pluto (going out of control), sesquiquadrate the North Node of the Moon (and in a week of the Full Moon).

It did n't stay with only fireworks. In Los Alamos, Florida and the Grand Canyon fire got completely out of control, through which loads of people needed to evacuate. In New Mexico a launchbase caught fire. All of these fires got out of control within one week flat.

What on earth was going on? This can no longer be coincidence. Mars opposed Pluto in the sky, but frankly, Mars opposes Pluto once every 2 years. However, this time it was in close aspect with the nodal axis, in a situation in the sky that was pretty forceful (Saturn-90-Uranus, and the Full Moon setting off the May 2000 Taurus alignment).

Fire is a pretty Sagittarian thing, explosions are pretty Pluto-like. Mars in Gemini opposite Pluto in such a timeframe, where Saturn rules the South Node and Uranus upsets all past patternings. All these fires and explosions were MANMADE. Firework is something that we use "for fun", it is a totally senseless thing to do. Fireworks really don't have any purpose other than burning up the contents of the psyche that once in a while need to "explode" and receive a catharsis. What is Pluto in Sagittarius trying to remind us of? Does it want more vision, more meaning in life? Does it state we are not in control on the inside? That we take too many liberties?

1. The chart of the first explosion in Enschede, NL, May 13 2000.

It is said that the firebrigade already was there at 15:00 hrs for a first fire. I made a chart a little earlier, in order to get Pluto at the IC, and besides, in astrology we need to work with charts of the BEGINNING of events in the first place. Pluto at the IC is pretty likely in view of the devastating effects this explosion had on its surroundings. However, still even earlier in time, with an IC/MC axis of 10 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius gives us a picture that is pretty telling:

The midpoint MOON/URANUS (sudden changes in the living circumstances) as well as MARS/PLUTO are now in exact aspect with the IC/MC axis. Mars rules the 8th house (it is beyond this exactly opposite Uranus in the chart of Holland, whereas the Full Moon a few dayslater is exactly conjunct the Moon of Holland). (See ned.htm)

Pluto is sesquiquadrate the North Node, and the symbol of this NorthNode at 26+ Cancer (Rudhyar, Astrological Mandala), is :


Keynote: A confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values (South Node in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn-90-Uranus)

The deeper implication of this scene is that the sociocultural elite can always see its position and security challenged by forces beyond its control, even if it may be siuccesful in protecting itself from destruction. The individual may not be able to depend on the standards and values he has acquired through education and through a relatively sheltered and rich life. He has to rise to the occasion, and perhaps to undergo an inner metamorphosis as a result of the crisis he has been able to accept as a personal challenge. The challenge here is to meet a crisis situation produced by uncontrollable karmic forces that could lead to a successful CATHARSIS.

The explosion near Buffalo:

This explosion took place May 16, three days later, at 16:22 pm GMT, in Fargo (near Buffalo, North Dakota). This also was an explosion in a pyrotechnics plant, and again we see the emphasis on the Nodes: they are exact in square to the IC/MC axis and of course also aspected by Pluto.

Fireworks explosion in a school in Brisbane:

Meantime, the Northnode has changed to another symbol: 25+ Cancer, which deals symbolically with an environment of intellectual pursuits (a school can be considered as one)l. On May 20, when the Mars/Pluto opposition had gone exact! it was also nearing Mercury (another symbol for schools)


July 16 we will see a lunar eclipse at 25 degrees of Cancer/Capricrorn near Mars and exactly in aspect with Pluto. This nodal axis and this eclipsed Full Moon are EXACTLY over Brisbane (IC/MC axis).....

In the same manner we could see more relationships. The eclipsechart for Valencia and Fargo nr Buffalo both show the May Saturn-Uranus square over the IC-MC axis (aspecting it very closely). The solar eclipse chart two weeks later shows Pluto at the MC for Fargo, Buffalo.

Pluto in connection to the Lunar Nodes often shows changes in our collective and individual destiny. It is not always this destructive, but often pretty explosive. Pluto's function in astrology is regeneration after degeneration, one could say. It means building up the new on the ashes of the old. Pluto itself is of the soul, indestructibel. Its instruments (the body) are prone to destruction - indeed.

Joyce Hoen 2000