January 7  2004  15:41 pm GMT FULL MOON at 16.40 Cancer
Key: growth, the urge to do something original 
 trine Jupiter
January 21   at 21:06 pm GMT NEW  MOON at 1.10 Aquarius
Key:  unexpected floods may happen after this New Moon
February 6 at  8.48 am GMT FULL Moon at 16.54 Leo
Key: A festive feeling of togetherness
February 20  at 8:19 am GMT NEW  MOON at 1.04 Pisces
Key: the first New Moon conjunct Uranus in Pisces: so the "Uranus in Pisces season" really starts now. The balance of the past 7 years is made up . 
conjunct Uranus
March 6 at  23.15 pm GMT FULL MOON at 16.43 Virgo
Key: An explosion (of work, joy or long hidden emotions which are now being cleared up) 
conjunct Jupiter
March 20  at  22.42 pm GMT NEW MOON at 0.39 Aries
Key: Spring begins emotionally now too (at 7.50 am Spring officially started) with a feeling of openness and anything being possible! 
April 5 at  12.04 pm GMT FULL MOON at 15.60 Libra
Key: Time for repairing the damage of the storm
April 19 at   14:22 pm GMT NEW MOON at 29.49 Aries
Key: The realisation of natural boundaries
May 5 at 21.34  p.m.GMT FULL MOON at 14.42 Scorpio
Key: give someone a smile today! 
LUNAR ECLIPSE square Neptune 
May 19  at 7.53  am GMT NEW MOON at 28.33 Taurus
Key:  A new Perspective

June 3 at 5.21 am GMT FULL MOON at 12.56 Sagittarius
Key: the karma of past deeds coming to light
 (square Jupiter)
June 17 at 21.28 pm GMT
NEW MOON at 26.57 Gemini
Key: repolarising the wild into the tame

July 2 at 12.10 pm GMT FULL MOON at 10.54 Capricorn
Symbolism: pheasants on a large estate as a symbol for aristocratic values
July 17 at 12.25 pm GMT NEW MOON at 25.13 Cancer
Symbolism: a pleasant intellectual exchange between peers
July 31 at 19:06 pm GMT FULL  MOON at 8.51 Aquarius
Symbolism: a flag turning into an eagle
August 16 at 2.25 am GMT NEW MOON at 23.41 Leo
Symbolism: total concentration
trine Pluto
August 30 at 3.23 am GMT Full Moon at 7.03 Pisces
Symbolism: a call for renewal
conjunct Uranus
September 14  at 15.30 pm GMT NEW MOON at 22.06 Virgo
Key:  needed is determination
conjunct Mars,square Pluto
September 28 at 14.10 pm GMT FULL MOON at 5.45 Aries
Key:  manifestation of the I 
October 14 at  15.30 pm GMT
NEW MOON at 21.06 Libra
Key: take some care of others
October 28 at  03.08 am GMT FULL MOON at 5.02 Taurus
Key: Conquering old habits: those which have become an obstacle  
November 12 at 14.28 pm GMT NEW MOON at 20.33 Scorpio
Key: there is inner freedom when in  a state of rebellion against outer authorities
November 26 at 20:08 pm GMT   FULL MOON at 4.55 Gemini
Key: revolution
December 12  at  1.30 a.m.
NEW MOON at 20.22 Sagittarius
Symbolism: learning by imitation

conjunct Pluto

December 26 at 15.07 pm GMT
FULL MOON at 5.12 Cancer
Key: a symbiosis and atonement with a larger whole, but a Full Moon can bring about some extrame emotions (in the family this time) 


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