January 2 at 20.24 GMT NEW MOON at 12.01 Capricorn will feel as if the New Year realy doesn't start until after this moment. 
January 18 2003 10.49 am GMT FULL MOON at 27.55 Cancer
Key: Inner rebirth with ideas to return to more inner values, which are at this point presented to the outer world as a new love(r)
February 1 at 10:49 GMT
NEW MOON at 12.09 Aquarius
Key: Visions for the future, discoveries, ideas, hunges and a great time to meditate upon the future and receive inspiration
conjunct Neptune opposite Jupiter
February 16 at 23:52 GMT FULL MOON at 27.54 Leo
Key: Sudden new potentialities are revealed
Sun conjunct Uranus, Moon opposite Uranus
March 3 at 2.36 GMT NEW MOON at 12.06 Pisces
Key: A conscious decision or unconscious need to make more use of your willpower, a spiritual courageous act in the becoming
March 18 at 10:36 amGMT FULL MOON at 27.25 Virgo- the willpower is now asserted, sheer willpower, and a 'baldheaded man seizes power' (says the symbol for this degree)  widely conjunct Mercury
April 1 at 19:20 pm GMT NEW MOON at 11.39 Aries
Key: intuite the cosmic order behind all things in a conscious meditation around this moment in time
sextile Neptune
April 16 at 19:37 GMT FULL MOON at 26.24 Libra
Key: those on the spiritual path starting this cycle with the perception of the cosmic order behind all things in whatever way (see New Moon) will now have a more full realization of it.  The demands of activity and getting something done are quarreling with the inner state of being though.
square Mars
May 1 at 12:16 pm GMT NEW MOON at 10.43 Taurus
Key: the start of a new cycle tending your garden but feel it as tending to nature which needs care but never is "your possession" even if you paid for the temporary use of it having bought the house
in aspect with the Jupiter/Neptune opposition
May 16 at 3:37  GMT FULL MOON at 24.53 Scorpio
Key: the possibility of a peak experience which leads to insight into the structure of things
May 31  at 4.21 am GMT NEW MOON at 9.20 Gemini
Key: Mind versus Matter is playing with danger. To achieve something realize for once and for all that the ego cannot do anything without God's power , or the Source of Light (the temporary eclipse means you think you can do things all by  yourself... but see the mental confusion occurring from this!   
June 14 at 11.17 am GMT FULL MOON at 23.00 Sagittarius
Key: " a group of immigrants fulfilling the requirements of entrance into the new country" - a time of being in transition (preparing for the new Saturn in Cancer timeframe)
June 29 at 18:40 pm GMT
NEW MOON at 7.37 Cancer
Key: Learning processes

conjunct Saturn with 4 degrees orb

July 13 at 19:22 pm GMT FULL MOON at 20.59 Capricorn
Symbolism: Dynamic competitive interchange
July 29 at 6.54 am GMT NEW MOON at 5.46 Leo
Symbolism: the relativity of social structures : a hippy meeting a conservative 
August 12 at 4:48 am GMT FULL MOON at 19.05 Aquarius
Key: One's individual worth is being established
Widely opposite Venus
August 27 at 17.26 pm GMT NEW MOON at 4.02 VIrgo
Symbolism: Becoming aware of the help of invisible spiritual forces
Exactly conjunct Venus
September 10 at 16.36 pm GMT FULL MOON at 17.34 Pisces
Key:  A spectacular public performance
Widely aspecting a Venus/Mercury conjunction
September 26  at 3.08 am GMT NEW MOON at 2.38 Libra
Key: A New Beginning

October 10 at 07.27 am GMT FULL MOON at 16.35 Aries
Key --
Inward withdrawal from outer life things
October 25 at 12.49 pm GMT NEW MOON at 1.41 Scorpio
Key: leave the old (relationship)  behind, just treasuring some good memories and go on
Conjunct Mercury
November 9 at 1.14 am GMT FULL MOON at 16.13 Taurus
Key: a polarization between the lower and higher Self, think of the best within you and this will be a great revealing moment. Allow yourself to be ruled by your lower nature on the other hand and in the next weeks things are likely to go wrong. (A solar eclipse is coming up)
Nov. 23 at 23.00 pm GMT NEW MOON at 1.14 Sagittarius
Key: Nature is forever winning each single battle, the wars of mankind are nothing in comparison to the awesome power of nature
December 8 at 20.38 pm GMT FULL MOON at 16.20 Gemini
Symbolism: Mental Metamorphosis

square Jupiter

 December 23 at 09.44 am GMT
NEW MOON at 1.08 Capricorn
Symbolism: The Light of the Spirit makes you realize that cooperation for the good of the greater whole is more impotrant than your own feelings of power. The Christmas season really starts now. 

CHTA 2002-2003

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