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(This article was also published in The International Astrologer, December-January issue 2000)

No doubt there will be a thousand manifestations after the line-up of many planets in the sign of Taurus early May 2000. At the end of May there will be a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus once more for the first time in 20 years. This recurring conjunction - once every 20 years - was the most important cycle known to the ancients, before the planets beyond Saturn were discovered. But still today the cycle of Jupiter and Saturn determines political structure, and also often the organization of your own life. Each 5 years there is a next aspect in this cycle. Think back to 1981, when the previous Jupiter/Saturn conjunction took place, and than 1986 (the first square), 1991 (the opposition) , and 1996 (the last square). Maybe you moved, or decided on another career. Because something is definitely happening in the structure of your own life when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin, even if this takes place somewhere in your chart where it does not transit anything. Of course the conjunction will occur in one house or the other, and this will be the area in your life, where this aspect will finally work out (in combination with the houses that have Capricorn and Sagittarius on the cusp and to make it nicely complicated, in combination with where Jupiter and Saturn are in your natal chart). But what will this concretely mean? What really does happen, when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin?

It means that all Saturnian principles and all Jupiterian principles will join up for a moment in space, they make love as it were, or at the very least agree amongst each other and start to cooperate! Imagine how strange it will be, if in your chart Saturn will suddenly feel like Jupiter and Jupiter will suddenly feel like Saturn, as if they merge into each other, at such a special moment in time. Because this is precisely what will happen! (With thanks to Alexander Ruperti for this very illustrative idea about how conjunctions really feel).

Imagine that the house where Capricorn is situated suddenly feels like Sagittarius and the house where Sagittarius is, suddenly feels like Capricorn! Because these are the things you may expect! The consequences of this are that there simply will be enormous changes in your attitudes towards certain things in your life, and towards certain people.

Planetary conjunctions are enormous movements of two principles which before this time did not agree. This will give rise to an enormous amount of take-overs, where firms will cooperate in the future. Banks are already joining up (the conjunction being in Taurus), but there is also as of this writing (September 1999) talk about a kind of economic (Taurus) United States of Africa, and this might be one of the more really concrete and wonderful results of not only Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Taurus May 2000, but many other planets there as well (7 in total around May 2-3).

Oftentimes people do not live these conjunctions only within themselves but together with someone else. So if you are roleplaying "Saturn" in certain situations in your life, you will meet mr. Jupiter and vice-versa. And the two of you will agree when you meet up with a third party disagreeing with you, wanting to keep his or her freedom (Uranus in square to the conjunction). I am going to cooperate with two massage therapists with my astrology practice in Amsterdam from 2000 onwards, and I can just see myself playing this Uranus-role, and not wanting my independence taken away from me.

So, many of the meetings you will have with people in the times to come (and most especialy in May of 2000) will be meetings reflective of these conjunction(s) in the sky. Because cosmic forces are being lived out, acted out, by humans as otherwise they cannot manifest. And these cosmic forces manifest large scale, but also small scale in our own lives, in your meeting up with a neighbour, a politician, whom-ever, a person you would have regarded prior to these times pretty unpractical, boring, or plain irresponsible (the Jupiter one for instance).

Of course in general, it is to be expected that Real Things or Real Life will catch up with us too, after the hype in Virtual Realities. There may be a renewed interested in things of this planet Earth, ecology, and nature. And we may understand that cows have "5 stomachs", and they they produce Quality Stuff, simply because they digest their intake 5 times over. With all the information available today, we are not digesting any input. It may be time to do so next year. Five times over:-) It may result in getting something "Real" manifested in this timespace continuum, after all the ideas that stayed only ideas in the previous years.

Anyway, if you want to figure out how the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will feel in your life, I suggest you exchange Jupiter for Saturn and vice versa, and see what comes up! All those things you thought you were pretty good at before, now may need some more effort, and all those things that cost you a lot of effort before, now may have become easy!

Another thing will happen after the conjunction. For a long time, Jupiter was behind Saturn: we first did the responsible thing and then enjoyed its succes or result. We may get into stages where we will spend first, as Jupiter will walk ahead of Saturn in the future, and for which we will have to pay up later. You may want to take a little care in your life, and just allow your Jupiter to become responsible from May 2000 onwards, and just accept that all those things you were afraid of or thought you could not do or did not want to do really have become easy and a joy to do....

On a social scale, and in fact Jupiter/Saturn does refer to social circumstances, it is extremely interesting and even mindblowing to tabulate the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions of the 20th Century together with their symbolic degree-meanings, as given in ane Rudhyar's Astrological Mandala (Vintage Books, 1974)

  • 1901: (November 28th) the 14th degree (13+) of Capricorn:
    The 20th Century started out with the following symbolic undertone: The will to unearth what has permanent value and to let go of nonessentials. A historical perspective is needed in a time where nearly all countries and people question and challenge the validity of traditional beliefs. Freeing ideals from personal and class selfishness. (I.e. a more classless, democratic society).
  • 1921: (September 10th) the 27th degree (26+) of Virgo:
    The roaring twenties started with the following symbolic undertone: "A group of aristocratic ladies meet ceremonally. Learning Refinement.
  • 1940: (August 8th) 14.27 Taurus:
    Around the beginning of Worldwar II a new cycle started of which its symbolism was: The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition. What is revealed here is Character under adverse circumstances. For some these difficult circumstances was the soil upon which a higher kind of consciousness could develop.
  • 1961: (February 19th) 25.12 Capricorn:
    We think of the 60ķes as revolution, but the notion: "There is more between Heaven and Earth" also was implanted in our social beliefsystems as an undertone: The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena. The consciousness becomes sensitized to the downward flow of Occult Energy in its bountiful aspect. Maybe the import of softdrugs for the first time in the Western world was also physical reflection of this symbol.
  • 1981: (March 4) 8.11 Libra
    The final years of the 20th Century had an undertone which most of us will recognize (think of the environmental movement and "back to Mother Earth"): The need to return to source during a confused search for new values in a chaotic society. new and sound rebeginnings. A change of forms.
  • 2000: (May 28th) 22.43 Taurus
    The symbolic undertone for the next 20 years then: The social confirmation of natural excellence. Social processe which bring about certicification of personal worth.(Commentary: personal dignity and worth, respect, may be precisely that which has been born in potentiality already. I would imagine that the Pluto in Leo generation, who will approx. be 50-70 years of age during this cycle, will make sure that belonging to the generation of the elderly, is something that deserves respect too.

© Joyce Hoen 2000