November 9, 2003 at 2.14 uur a.m. /Lunar eclipse

June 6 (2003) someone sent me an article written by John Mirthehiel discussing a chart which he calls the Harmonic Concordance, referring to the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. (That was a worldwide,though mostly celebrated in America, "Happening" where people all over gathered in sacred places to create and strengthen a field of consciousness for opening the heartchakra of the planet Earth, initiated by Jose Arguelles.

Because I've seen the Harmonic Convergence over here in Holland coincide with incredible rainbows appearing which blew my head so to speak (and rainbows are the significators of the link between heaven and earth or God and Man) and because I felt the influence of the Harmonic Convergence 9 months ahead of time as well as 9 months after, without even focussing on the event, I read the article, and looked at the chart. And what a wonderful and interesting this chart this is indeed! Frankly, it is an incredible chart on the day featuring both an eclipse as well as Uranus going Direct again! And, I'm writing this and finding this out exactly at the moment Uranus goes retrograde before this next reversal! My brain is remembering things all of a sudden, awakened (Uranus) to remember the Harmonic Convergence energy of the past (retro).

If one does use Chiron which come to think of it almost is conjunct my own, a perfect Star of David appears and for Greenwhich with Jupiter rising, together with the Full Moon. At the time of a lunar eclipse the Full Moon is incredibly powerful: the Sun, Earth, Moon and the lunar nodes are focussing in one single energyline as it were, and each eclipse will be experienced simply and most of all by the aspects the Full Moon makes to other planets. And there is a completely perfect Grand Sextile situation surrounding the Full Moon axis at that time, creating a 6 pointed star:

And coincidence of coincidences, my texts on Chiron (only in Dutch) were born 9 months after the Harmonic Convergence in May 1988, at the Niagara Waterfalls, a place I will be revisiting this fall in september 2003 again also! These texts discuss amongst others the importance of this image, inspired by the meaning given to this 6 pointed star by Alan Oken in his book Soul Centered Astrology. This star is the symbol of the integration of the personality of the human being (and the three personal characteristics of will, emotion and thinking), and the higher self (with the higher Will, the Compassion of the open heart, and intuition). Mostly it concerns two triangles placed on top of one another. The triangle pointing downwards (involutionary) depicts the ego, the triangle pointing upwards (evolutionary) the higher self and there is some space left in between creating the idea of 7 chakra's or points of transformation, the space in between being the heart chakra connecting the two triangles together ultimately. And usually the two separate triangles can be felt as the two directions one is pulled in often as if two people are living within us, the one (the personality) wants to go this way, the other (being of the nature of the Soul) the other way. We usually become aware of this split within only after some awareness has risen of the existence of the soul. But when these two triangles, the personality and the soul, suddenly are fused, (by way of sudden Uranus energy for instance, the sudden lightning) the star is created, the two triangles fall into one another as it were, creating the 6 pointed star. So yes, that is a pretty rare happening. Most of us are seeking love and the completion of ourselves in another person after all, and not in a sacred inner marriage of soul and ego. And, eh, do continue seeking it that way:-) Because the paradox is, that we very often only by interaction with the outer person find the inner and usually not before, just like the disciple needs the outer guru to find God within.

Back to the chart of the eclipse of November 9: this shows the possibility of this Wholemaking taking place for some, a Wholemaking between soul and ego, the integration of the personality with the soul, in a process which again might very well take 18 months of time. After the enormous tests some of us have been through with the 'heaviness' of the Saturn-Pluto opposition in 2001 and 2002, it seems to me that together we could indeed do with a much Lighter timeframe. Interesting detail: it appears that a cropcircle has been found which looks like a horoscope with a six pointed chart in it, a very powerful image, which is depicted on a site I found meantime on this Harmonic Concordance:

The symbolism of the eclipsed Moon with this thousandfold power for reason of the eclipse alone, is striking in this connection: (acc. to Rudhyar in the Astrological Mandala)

A symbolical battle between 'Swords' and 'Torches'.

When Gautama, having sought in vain for the answers to his questions among the teachers of the tradition, sat under the Bodhi Tree, he had to fight his own battle in his own way, even though it is an eternal fight. The spiritual light within the greater Soul must struggle against the ego-will that only knows how to use the powers of this material and intellectual world. There is no possibility of escape; it is the energy that arises out of the present moment - the inescapable NOW that the daring individual has to use in the struggle.

This symbol suggests that salvation is attained through the emergent individual's readiness to face all ussues as if there were only two opposed sides (the Full Moon situation). So teaches the Bhagavad Gita. This is the dharma of this stage of human evolution: a stage of Polarization of Values.

This symbolism of the struggle of the "Two" is, this time, aided and supported in a beautiful wholemaking way by the other planets creating a star of completion around the eclipse at this sacred moment in time.

Joyce Hoen June 7, 2003