and below is rising (with Plutonium 238 aboard to Saturn)


An astrological interpretation of astronomical data.



Just like Voyager Cassini makes use of the gravity of a certain planet to reach a next planet. The Voyager mission took place during the spectacular and rare triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (1988-1993). Astrologically Voyager may have been a nice symbol for travelling mankind who came physically in contact for the first time with trans-saturnian planets (Uranus - January 1987 and Neptune, August 1989) . Voyager touched upon our imagination, as do Uranus and Neptune. And the "traveller" physically arriving at Neptune and Uranus fits this timeframe where many many people woke up and made quantumleaps in their consciousness.

But with Cassini things are different, Cassini scares people, because there is (was) a flyby round the Earth from August 11 to 18, 1999 - a timeframe in which the planets are being in an extreme rare and fatiguing position, touched off by a solar eclipse. Funnily enough Pluto around that time is beautifully placed in sextile to Neptune amongst others and a great help to the tension of the other planets.

Cassini's mission is to Saturn, and Saturn has frightened people sinds antiquity. One could call the Cassini mission even a Saturn/Pluto mission, because Cassini (like the Voyager apparently) carries Plutonium 238 aboard. Cassini took off in 1997, and is going to make use of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (astrologically in May 2000), because Jupiter and Saturn are in close alignment. Cassini can use the gravity of Venus (2 x) , Earth (1x) and Jupiter (1x) to reach Saturn quicker than when using solar power. The fear of people is the fear of cancer: if Cassini comes close to Earth around the famous August 11 timeframe and if Plutonium gets into the atmosphere if something goes wrong, this is pretty dangerous indeed. Strangely enough I wonder myself whether Cassini will ultimately not be a symbol for the solution of cancer, for example at the time when Pluto enters Capricorn from November 2008. For example because indeed all things are not right with sending Plutonium into space and the U.S. will commit to gear their science to healing rather than the creation of destruction. Plutonium is a manmade power, which does not exist in nature. But there are many more things which are manmade and do not exist in nature. Yet this is an interesting symbol given the nature of Pluto in astrology. The deepest core imploding into itself, and we ourselves being the cause of trouble and no one else, not God responsible for many things, nor for the Dark, but mankind. The mission Pluto/Saturn could symbolically be a mission about responsibility.

In the chart for the launch of Cassini (see below) Saturn is in the 8th house, again a Pluto/Saturn signature. But the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is conjunct Jupiter. This can indicate healing, but also a too great optimism from NASA (Jupiter being in Aquarius). There are various charts of the U.S. around, I use the one with 13+ degrees of Sagittarius on the Ascendant. This aligns with the IC of this launch-chart. It won't be long anymore before Pluto will conjunct this degree. Before that time, in 1999, Pluto will oppose Uranus a few times in America's chart (Uranus is at 7+ Gemini), and 6-7 Sagittarius is the "nuclear degree". A flyby around Earth between August 11 and 18, an Aztek calendar stopping August 13 indicating a new beginning, and a solar eclipse with a pretty difficult planetary set up (the Grand Square in the fixed signs) : it will evoke the deepest and highest within yourself. Go for the highest!


"Ephemeris" of Cassini:

Start ephemeris October 15 1997
Cassini conjunct Venus: April 26 1998 (The first worldwide peacemeditations since Feb 26 1998)
Cassini retrograde conjunct Venus: June 24 1999 (Peace in Kosovo june 1999)
Cassini conjunct Earth: August 18 1999 (within orb: August 11 1999)
Cassini conjunct Jupiter: December 30 2000
Cassini conjunct Saturnus (the goal) Juli 1 2004.

THE MIDPOINT OF PLUTO/SATURN is at 10.11 Aquarius, conjunct Jupiter.


CASSINI CONJUNCT VENUS April 26 1998: Pluto was at 7.31 Sag. (conjunct Venus) (Cassini carries Plutonium 238 aboard). Jupiter was at 18.33 Vissen, conjunct the South Node.

CASSINI Rx CONJUNCT VENUS: Juni 24 1999 Mars at 27 Libra square Neptune.

CASSINI CONJUNCT EARTH, August 11- 18 1999. Pluto 7.44 Sag., conjunct Venus., Southnode conjunct Jupiter, Saturn 7 17 Taurus: out of the crisiszone: just gone into the 9th house.

CASSINI CONJUNCT JUPITER : December 30 2000: Pluto 13.41 Sagittarius (within orb conjunct IC) , JUPITER 2.21 Gemini, within orb opposite Pluto. If the 13+ Sag chart of the US of A is correct, Pluto will be conjunct their Ascendant exactly at this time, and Cassini will be conjunct Jupiter. This could very well indicate tremendous succes, and will indicate that Cassini conjunct Earth in August 11-18 is a symbol of initiation into the overcoming of fear. Which is what the August eclipse 1999 means anyway. Which might well be the symbolic meaning of Cassini going to Saturn in the first place. Not that NASA is aware of that, they really should not send Plutonium into space at all, of course.

CASSINI CONJUNCT SATURNUS: July 1 2004: Mars 4.27 Leo opposite Uranus.

"Cassini", so indeed, what could it mean symbolically? To interpret "Voyager"is less difficult than to interpret Cassini. Cassini was an Italian astronomer who was the first person to see 4 of Saturn's Moons. He also discovered a hole in the rings of Saturn. That is why NASA choose this name. Cassini was born June 8 1625 in Italy and the chart below is made up for June 18, because it is entirely possible that June 8 is O.S. (Julian Calendar, Old Standard), which differs 10 days from N.S., or our present calendar. The birthtime is entirely speculative.

Early on in his career the marquis Cornelio Malsavio, senator of Bologna, invited Cassin to work for him at his observatory in Panazno. The marquis happened to be an amateur astronomer, calculating ephemerides for astrological purposes! , and Cassini was invited for his incredible knowledge (but not belief in... so the website for this information continued....) astrology....

It is striking to see the positions of the Lunar Nodes: they are identical within 1 degree of orb to the launch of NASA-Cassini. The Moon, ruler of the 9th (travel) and by the way: Cassini went to France later to never return to Italy) is on the same degree as Pluto in the chart of the launch of Cassini. It is not said that this lunar degree is correct, because the birthtime is speculative. Cassini died blind in Paris at 87 years of age. If his name will go into history once more, will it be because of discovering Saturn once again, or because the name "Cassini cancer" will be born? If something will go wrong with the spaceship, it may take another 10-20 years before cancer occurs. It fits that the final accounting comes when Pluto is in Capricorn (from November 2008). Pluto in Sagittarius is an incredible optimism, but whatever way you look at it, Plutonium does not belong in nature. Forced explosive growth is anti-natural. It does not belong in space. it does not belong on Saturn, or wherever. Pluto/Saturn astrologically means in essence: the right use of power. The real test is about misuse of power/force. The mission to Saturn could bring about a total transformation of our notions about Saturn, which means notions about the phenomenon of our conscience, and of time and space itself. These are energies that simultaneously are already in operation right now, in this timeframe of the end of many calendars, and the beginning of a new millennium. It is interesting that Cassini uses the gravity of the planets to go to Saturn, the planet indicating Gravity itself in astrology, and that when Cassini comes in orb with the Earth as it were August 11, another department of Nasa scientists will have another look at gravity - experimenting with Foucault's Pendulum which may show up pretty erratic at the time of an eclipse. Most interestingly, NASA calls this experiment: "Peering through a "Hole in the Sky".

When I heard for the first time about Cassini with 72 pounds of Plutonium aboard to Saturn, in october 1997, and that it would fly around the Earth at the time of the solar eclipse August 11 1999 (the flyby is August 18, but 7 days prior to this Cassini will already enter the Earth's atmosphere), I almost got a fit --" which idiots would come up with this crazy idea", I thought, to exactly at that precise time, the time of the ancient prophecy of Nostradamus (saying something will fall out of space) realise this prophecy into reality? However, what is also entirely possible, is that Cassini is merely another symbol, just like the Voyager, as a kind of manmade Ephemeris, for what happens simultaneously around August 11. I think this latter is the truth. The cosmos expresses itself simultaneously on many levels. There is also a comet, comet Lee, crossing the disk of the solar system in the summer, which may involve another set of unpredictable weathercircumstances.

But back to Cassini, what does it mean, to bring Plutonium from Earth, first to Venus, than back to Earth, and than to Jupiter and Saturn? Astrologically Pluto is the symbol for the real creative power, for Shakti, for Kundalini. This force usually is asleep at the base of the spine. Shooting this power away from Earth (from the rootchakra as it were) to Saturn almost looks like a forced Kundalini awakening. Who is responsible for this? NASA? Or people who were busying themselves with Kundalini Yoga in the first place? Well, all I mean is, it is easy to blame someone else, especially with Saturn in the 8th house (of the launch chart), but this may be precisely the problem. And what actually happens when Kundalini awakens? Fear for total extinction can occur. Which is precisely the fear of people with this solar eclipse coming up August 11. Pluto transforms, whatever whay you look at it, Pluto/Saturn could be - potentially - getting beyond the fear of total extinction. Instead of the dark, start to really trust, there are bigger forces than manmade forces. Do not be paranoid, do not be frightened for things outside yourself (Saturn in the 8th). Also fear is a manmade thing, that does not belong to nature. Just like Plutonium. Both are as destructive. And do not belong in space. The Cassini mission could very well be the mission of the transformation of fear, and reclaiming responsibility for your own life, and the way you use power.

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S - June 16th 1999


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