Cutting-edge audio-visual techniques, amazing pictures and special effects, captivating narrative and music…
The " Archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon " has brought together the best in technology and production to recreate the first Crusade in the company of Duke Godfrey of Bouillon, Peter the Hermit and thousands of men making their way to Jerusalem.

The " Archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon " is a daring combination of modern technology and History, giving you a vivid, detailed insight into the Crusades and 2000 years of conflict and fortification.

From the impressive structure to the amazing vaults, the visitor will marvel at this exceptional 17th century building, formerly a convent of the holy Sepulchre and now a remarkable educational tool and tourist attraction.

A fascinating tourist attraction and prestigious function room in an exceptional historical setting at the heart of a picturesque town and region.


A fascinating and magical audio-visual show, riddled with special effects, takes you back over a thousand years in time, to follow the epic journey of Duke Gofrey and his crusaders to Jerusalem. As you move from one room to another, you will come across the history of the Semois region, of the town of Bouillon and the convent of the Sépulcrines.


The convent of the Sépulcrines, a construction dating from the early 17th century, is inextricably bound to the past and present of the town of Bouillon. Constructed to house the nuns of the order of Holy-Sépulchre, founded by Godfrey of Bouillon, it bore witness to the town's industrial activity before taking on its present role-playing host to the tourist and cultural multimedia attraction, the "Archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon" and the "Salle des Sépulcrines", the perfect backdrop for every function. This imposing listed building with its exceptional architecture, charged with emotion and history, is located at the very heart of Bouillon, on the banks of the River Semois, between the Pont de Liège and the Pont de France just opposite the medieval castle.

Archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon

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