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Our Mission

To help organisations in aligning ICT strategy with business objectives for better return on assets, while paying special attention to cultural and human factors.


"Productive strategy alignment can only be reached when people are driven by a balanced convergence of culture (values, norms, behaviour), structure (objectives, functions, tasks) and resources (IT & other means).

Most of the IT project failures are caused by lack of consideration for the human perspective.

Therefore, users should be involved as early as possible in IT change projects. The extent of their involvement depends on the company culture: mere training, contextual information or active participation in adoption and implementation stages.

Throughout the lifecycle of systems, user satisfaction ought to be monitored and feedback should be given about achieved results on operational and strategic level."  B.H., 2003


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Our Services

Align ICT strategy on business objectives and ICT services on business processes

Inventory, describe and optimise business processes

Select and implement application software, regarding the business processes and users' expectations

Optimise and formalise ICT services and delivery processes

Optimal implementation of ICT resources

Develop communication and consultation structures with users and Management Team

Programme and Project Management with special attention to communication, deadlines and budget

Assess and improve ICT perfomance

Prepare ICT environment for Sarbanes-Oxley audit

Temporary ICT Management


Your advantage

Optimal return on your investment through tailored and flexible service delivery, based on formal  agreements

Intake and transfer of broad experience in setting up and optimising ICT skills, processes and resources


Have a look at our
Application Roll-out Methodology
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Other used methodologies are based on industry standards such as Prince2 (project management), MSP (programme management), ITIL (ICT "best practices"), Balanced Scorecards (performance management) and CMM (ICT maturity model)



Our Terms in a nut shell

Our normal tariff amounts to € 800 / day (excl. VAT). However, we propose degressive tariffs for long-term contracts.

Expenses are charged at cost. Kilometre costs come to € 0,30 .

Click here to see a sample contract, that can be adapted to your particular needs.




De nieuwe uitdagingen voor ICT

Les nouveaux défis de la TIC

Sample Contract

Business Cases & Assignments (detailed)

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Business Cases & Assignments

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Managing & reorganising a hospital's ICT department

One of Flanders' major hospitals faced a triple challenge: reorganising its ICT department, refurbishing or replacing its legacy applications and hiring a new ICT manager…

Framing an application migration

The executives of a direct mailing company had decided to merge their legacy applications into the holding's Oracle database environment…

Improving IT Demand / Supply processes

Managing an industrial contractor’s IT application development while improving related demand/supply processes…

Reviewing business processes and implementing software applications

A market leader in cooling, heat exchange and pollution control systems was extending its market share by acquisitions and product diversification

Managing and Transforming a Consulting Practice

In the mid-nineties, a global provider of ICT services (13.000 employees) decided to start up "Year 2000" remediation services…

Radical turnaround of an ICT Centre

Since the company wanted to focus on its core business, they decided to subsidiarise their ICT activities…

Technology Migration Programme Management

The IT services division of the organization (350 employees) had waited too long to refurbish their ICT environment…

Reactivating a software development project

The company had decided to enlarge their software product portfolio…


Our Approach


Our basic approach is to conform to the client's procedures and style. Our aim is certainly not to impose our views or a "one-suits-all" method. As we state elsewhere, cultural identity has to be recognized and respected.

However, in our joint search for solutions, we can tell you how we challenged typical issues in similar missions. Anyway, the final decision will be yours.

Throughout our numerous strategy alignment an implementation missions, we have contrived and perfected a framework that can accommodate many methodologies. We named it "MG/MR", for "Multiple Goals / Multiple Reality", to emphasize the complexity and subjectivity of human perspectives in organizations.


With this framework, we distinguish seven steps:

1. Obtain full commitment from operational and support management

2. Set up a Steering Committee and conduct a kick-off meeting

3. Interview managers and users concerned

4. Propose and select alternative strategies and scenarios

5. Propose and select adequate ICT solutions

6. Implement changes in both business and ICT environment

7. Evaluate strategic alignment through efficiency, effectiveness, user satisfaction and ROI.


In the pre-sales phase, our consultant will meet you to discuss the issues at stake and to evaluate possible collaboration scenarios. After reaching agreement – possibly based on a written proposal -- a contract will be signed for a fixed duration.

Throughout the mission, the contact persons will meet to monitor contract execution, review and possibly change contract terms, define priorities, and decide on specific actions.

At the end of the month, a time and expense sheet is presented for approval. If approved, an invoice with total fee and expenses (vouchers attached) is sent to the client.



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