Welcome to Alcar Endóreo, the realm dedicated to the mystical world Tolkien created us; Middle-Earth and its cultures.

At this site, you'll find some information about the wonderful languages and the writing system of Tolkien's Elves, along with some poetry and translations I or friends of mine have made in either Quenya or Sindarin.

You can find out where are the best and most reliable resources if you want to learn the languages of the Elves and where you can download Tolkien or Lord of the Rings-related goodies (like wallpaper , music , etc.)


1-24: New Elvish Song Translation: Evanescence's ' My Immortal ' in Sindarin (done by Erufailon) 

9-26:  Added a Quenya translation of "Eldalindalë" (by the Spanish Elfonía) to the song translations.
Hear my musical outbursts: singing and clarinet files in the My Music directory. 

9-12: Added pics from my early years to the "my pictures" category. 
Quenya translation of "You" (Evanescence) on the song translations page
9-04: Making ready the links page.
About me has now some haunting photos of myself. 
9-02: Go check out Precious Illusions , Bohemian Rhapsody , Eye of the tiger and Bring me to life in ELVISH in the song translations page
8-30: Added the about-me page with biography of myself.
Renewed the messageform so it's alright and working now.
Working on the song translations page, it will soon be ready.

I am still working very hard on this site, some things aren't working yet, but I'm doing all I can to get them done as soon as possible. So please be patient and return soon to see the result.



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