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Hello, my name is Tom and Iím from Belgium. If you see something in my list that interests you,

contact me at tomme_mel AT (AT = @).

If we trade (disc to disc), make sure you use good quality DVDís (TDK, Philips, Verbatim,Ö), and you pack them well!

No official stuff is traded. If you see something in this list that is official, let me know and Iíll remove it.

Iím especially interested in Belgian shows!




My Metallica DVD list: (click on show for info)

(BS = Bad sectors, there might be more that I donít know yet)


19-03-1983 San Fransisco,CA (BS)

19-03-1983 San Fransisco, CA (3rd gen upgrade)


14-09-1985 Rheine, Germany(BS)(PRO)


28-04-1986 Uniondale, NY

09-11-1986 Anaheim, CA

05-12-1986 Quebec, CA


02-01-1987'Spastik Children' San Fransisco, CA

13-02-1987 Gothenburg, Sweden

20-08-1987 London,UK


04-06-1988 Miami, FL

19-06-1988 Buffalo, NY

10-10-1988 London, UK†† (PRO)

18-10-1988 Oslo, Norway

29-10-1988 Brussels, Belgium

29-10-1988 Brussels, Belgium (1st gen upgrade)


12-03-1989 Philadelphia, PA(PRO)

17-03-1989 Hartford, CT


11-05-1990 London, UK(BS)

20-05-1990 Leiden, The Netherlands

29-06-1990Toronto, Canada

09-11-1990 Los Angeles, CA (PRO) (RIP party)


28-01-1991 Peoria, IL (rehearsals)

10-08-1991 Copenhagen, Denmark (stageshot)

30-08-1991 Hasselt, Belgium

01-09-1991 Nijmegen, The Netherlands

18-09-1991 Dortmund, Germany

28-09-1991 Moscow, Russia††† (PRO)

03-11-1991 Auburn Hills, MI(PRO)

23-12-1991 Worcester, MA (damage inc source)


28-02-1992 Albany, NY

05-03-1992 Champaign,IL

20-04-1992 London, UK

17-07-1992 Washington, DC (PRO)

24-09-1992 Oakland, CA (upgrade)

22-10-1992 Gent, Belgium

07-12-1992 Den Bosch , The Netherlands(PRO)


26-01-1993 Hershey, PA

15-02-1993 Amherst, MA

17-02-1993 Charleston, SC

03-04-1993 Melbourne, Australia

04-05-1993 Santiago, Chile (first half)(PRO)

04-05-1993 Santiago, Chile(full version) (PRO)

08-05-1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina(first half) (PRO)

08-05-1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina(full version) (PRO)

08-05-1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina(4DVD version) (PRO) (BS)

20-06-1993 Basel, Switzerland††† (PRO)

03-07-1993 Torhout, Belgium

04-07-1993 Werchter, Belgium


05-06-1994 Syracuse, NY

07-08-1994 Houston, TX

12-08-1994 Pittsburgh, PA(BS)

13-08-1994 Saugerties, NY (PRO)

13-08-1994 Saugerties, NY(2nd version, with Irvne í96 3 pro shot songs) (PRO)

13-08-1994 Saugerties, NY†† (3rd version, best version) (PRO)


23-08-1995 Astoria II, London, UK

26-08-1995 Donington, UK (upgrade)


04-06-1996 San Jose, CA (Truckload day)

04-06-1996 Sacramento, CA (Truckload night)

09-06-1996 San Fransisco, CA

30-06-1996 Rockford, IL

24-06-1996 Aberdeen, WA (PRO) (MTV Motherload) (bonus: a week and a half in the life of metallica)

03-08-1996 Irvine,CA (3 songs) (PRO)

03-08-1996 Irvine, CA

10-09-1996 Brunssum, Holland

14-09-1996 Gent, Belgium†† (BS)

21-11-1996 Gothenburg, Sweden (2-cam)

31-12-1996 San Jose, CA


09-02-1997 Chicago, IL

29-03-1997 Quebec, CAN

05-04-1997 Providence, RI

12-04-1997 Greensboro, NC

15-05-1997 Boise, ID

22-08-1997 Hasselt, Belgium

23-08-1997 Stuttgart,Germany†† (PRO)

24-08-1997 Reading, UK†† (PRO)

18-10-1997 Mountain View, CA (Bridge Benefit Acoustic show)

11-11-1997 Philadelphia, PA†† (PRO)

15-11-1997 Hamburg, Germany†† (PRO)

18-11-1997 Paris, France (partially (PRO))


21-03-1998 San Fransisco, CA (reload, rehearse, request)†† (PRO)

24-04-1998 Seoul, Korea†††† (PRO)

28-06-1998 Bristow, VI

30-08-1998 Mountain View, CA

23-11-1998 Philadelphia, PA

24-11-1998 New York, NY††† (PRO)


02-05-1999 Bogota, Columbia (PRO)

12-05-1999 Santiago, Chile†† (PRO)

21-05-1999 Nurnberg, Germany††† (PRO)

09-06-1999 Bucharest, Romania (PRO)

11-06-1999 Plovdiv, Bulgaria†† (PRO)

11-06-1999 Plovdiv, Bulgaria (upgrade)(PRO)

19-06-1999 Irvine,CA††† (PRO)

27-06-1999 Kiev, Ukraine††† (PRO)

03-07-1999 Werchter, Belgium

03-07-1999 Werchter, Belgium (2nd source)

24-07-1999 Rome, NY††† (PRO)

19-11-1999 Berlin, Germany (with orchestra)(source1)

19-11-1999 Berlin, Germany (with orchestra)(source2)

23-11-1999 New York, NY (with orchestra)


07-01-2000 Minneapolis,MN

23-06-2000 Seattle, WA (EMP full) (PRO)

04-07-2000 Baltimore, ML†† (PRO)

08-07-2000 Sparta, KY

14-07-2000 San Fransisco, CA (PRO) (vcd sourced)

08-08-2000 Lexington, KY

30-11-2000 Los Angeles, CA (VH1 My Music Awards) (PRO)


03-05-2003 Los Angeles, CA (MTV Icon)††† (PRO)

31-05-2003 London, UK††† (PRO)

06-06-2003 Nurnberg, Germany (Rock Im Park, 3 pro shot songs) (PRO)

07-06-2003 Berlin, Germany

08-06-2003 Nurnbergring, Germany (Rock am Ring MTV version)††† (PRO)

08-06-2003 Nurnbergring, Germany (WDR-version)††† (PRO)

08-06-2003 Nurnbergring, Germany (audience)††††

16-06-2003 Koln, Germany (Tv Total)

05-07-2003 Toronto, Canada

27-07-2003 Minneapolis, MA

24-08-2003 Reading, UK

06-11-2003 Tokyo, Japan

05-12-2003 Hannover, Germany

09-12-2003 Paris, France (BS)

17-12-2003 Antwerp, Belgium

20-12-2003 Earls court, London, UK

xx-xx-2003 Film 'em all 2††† (BS)


28-01-2004 Melbourne, Australia

14-03-2004 Fresno, CA

20-04-2004 Uniondale, NY

21-04-2004 Uniondale, NY

04-06-2004 Lisbon, Portugal††† (PRO)

06-06-2004 Donington, UK

06-06-2004 Donington, UK (2nd source)

10-06-2004 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

16-06-2004 Bremen, Germany (PRO) (screenfeed)

29-06-2004 Padova, Italy (8 cam mix and livemetallicasound!)

02-07-2007 Werchter, Belgium (webstream)

22-09-2004 Pittsburg, PA

07-10-2004 Ottawa, Canada

22-10-2004 East Rutherford, NJ

06-11-2004 Fort Lauderdale, FL

28-11-2004 San Jose, CA


13-03-2006 New York, NY (PRO)(inducting Black Sabbath into the rock Ďn roll hall of fame)

18-03-2006 Centurion, South Africa

03-06-2006 Nurnbergring, Germany (Rock am Ring, WDR version) (PRO)

03-06-2006 Nurnbergring, Germany (Rock am Ring, MTV version) (PRO)

06-06-2006 Berlin, Germany

08-06-2006 Arnhem, The Netherlands (nyc show)

08-06-2006 Arnhem, The Netherlands (sepu)

08-06-2006 Arnhem, The Netherlands (ledmax)

08-06-2006 Arnhem, The Netherlands (3 cam mix)

10-06-2006 Donington, UK (source)

10-06-2006 Donington, UK (cam mix)

15-06-2006 Nickelsdorf, Austria

17-06-2006 Imola, Italy (cam mix)

12-08-2006 Tokyo, Japan (PRO) (partial)

12-08-2006 Tokyo, Japan (complete audience)

15-08-2006 Seoul, Korea (PRO)

15-08-2006 Seoul, Korea (audience)


28-06-2007 Lisbon, Portugal

01-07-2007 Werchter, Belgium (incomplete audience, diegales)

01-07-2007 Werchter, Belgium (incomplete audience, diegales-ktulu (livemetallica audio))

05-07-2007 Vienna, Austria

07-07-2007 London, UK (PRO) (+ 08-07-2007 London, UK (incomplete source))

07-07-2007 London, UK (PRO) (without bonus)

08-07-2007 London, UK (other incomplete pit source)

08-07-2007 London, UK (full audience, filmed from the right)

10-07-2007 Oslo, Norway

18-07-2007 Moskou, Russia (Fenster source)

27-10-2007 Mountain View, CA (Bridge school benefit, vcd sourced)


17-05-2008 Irvine, CA (PRO)(webstream)

28-05-2008 Chorzow, Poland

30-05-2008 Landgraaf, The Netherlands (PRO) (Sailing Home version)

30-05-2008 Landgraaf, The Netherlands (PRO) (Jack Frair version)

30-05-2008 Landgraaf, The Netherlands (PRO) (3 voor 12 rebroadcast, no menu)

30-05-2008 Landgraaf, The Netherlands (audience)

03-06-2008 Prague, Czech Republic (incomplete)

05-06-2008 Lisbon, Portugal (PRO) (elmoz version)

05-06-2008 Lisbon, Portugal (PRO) (same source, but not elmoz version, no menu)

07-06-2008 Nurnbergring, Germany (Rock am Ring)

08-06-2008 Nurnberg, Germany (Rock im Park) (incomplete)

13-06-2008 Manchester, TN (PRO) (Bonnaroo, webstream)

15-08-2008 Hasselt, Belgium (incomplete)

24-08-2008 Reading, UK(PRO) (gregtallica version)

12-09-2008 Berlin, Germany (the doctor version)

12-09-2008 Berlin, Germany (jaymz version)

12-09-2008 Berlin, Germany (xtach version)

21-10-2008 Glendale, AZ (NY Bitch committee)


17-01-2009 Philadelphia, PA

27-01-2009 Rosemont, IL (WaveMonster-Fixed version)

29-01-2009 Uniondale, NY

01-02-2009 Newark, NJ

28-02-2009 Sheffield, UK

02-03-2009 London, UK (The commader version)

25-03-2009 Birmingham, UK (Simon version)

30-03-2009 Rotterdam, The Netherlands (incomplete, rogier version)

02-04-2009 Paris, France






xx-xx-xxxx Crazy Cliff (agents of misfortune,Ö)

xx-xx-2005 When metallica ruled the world (docu)


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