Date: 22-10-2004

Place: East Rutherford, NJ

Source:  audience

Number of discs: 2

Video:  A

Audio:  A+

Gen:  master or low

Comments:  2 cam mix and livemetallicasound  + menus, Lars’ son comes on stage and plays a little drum.(pic5)



Blackened (only sound, with photoshow instead of video)                                                                     
The Memory Remains
Wherever I May Roam
King Nothing
Kirk Doodle #1
The Unforgiven
The God That Failed
St Anger
Bass Solo
Fade To Black
Master Of Puppets
Fight Fire With Fire
Disposable Heroes
Kirk Doodle #2
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
Last Caress/Green Hell
Seek And Destroy










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