Window class names used in Microsoft Office

Some Microsoft Windows application programming interface (API) function calls, for example, FindWindow(), require the window class name (the main window). Here follows a list of window class names used in some of the Microsoft Office applications.

Application Class Name
Access 97 OMain
Access 2000 OMain
Access XP OMain
Excel 97 XLMAIN
Excel 2000 XLMAIN
FrontPage 2000 FrontPageExplorerWindow40
FrontPage XP FrontPageExplorerWindow40
Outlook 97 rctrl_renwnd32
Outlook 98 rctrl_renwnd32
Outlook 2000 rctrl_renwnd32
Outlook XP rctrl_renwnd32
PowerPoint 95 PP7FrameClass
PowerPoint 97 PP97FrameClass
PowerPoint 2000 PP9FrameClass
PowerPoint XP PP10FrameClass
Project 98 JWinproj-WhimperMainClass
Project 2000 JWinproj-WhimperMainClass
Visual Basic Editor wndclass_desked_gsk
Word 97 OpusApp
Word 2000 OpusApp
Word XP OpusApp