Hof Ter Lo
Borgerhout / Antwerp

Basically,we weren't too excited by this festival considering we were there to see 2 bands, namely MACABRE and EXODUS. The first one had to play early and the second one would probably headline the event. We missed RAGNAROK (too bad for them) and saw bits of ANTAEUS (too bad for us… despites the band's efforts onstage, their stuff remains too noisy to be enjoyable… if you wanna play real fast, you have to sound clear). Then mighty MACABRE delivered an excellent set with the best choice of tracks for ages. Not that the band moved much on stage (except for the drummer always standing up after each track!) but the sense of humour and the incredible technique are enough to impress a crowd that was really taking part to the show! I didn't expect being impressed by both following acts IMMOLATION and HATE ETERNAL, but I sincerely was by the 1st's bold guitarist and the second's drummer. Both acts were intense as hell and made me regret I had no video recorder! IMPALED NAZARENE were quite a surprise as well considering I had never noticed they were influenced by Crust Punk. I gave up for KATAKLYSM and got back for EXODUS who weren't headlining, don't know why. I'm glad I finally saw Retro Souza who has become as fat as Baloff was and was the most motivated member on stage. Both guitarist Bolt "the old" and Unholt "the bold" were doing their job with a certain lack of energy and the bass player was really sleeping, deserving a big kick in the ass. Of course, I had scene the incredible Dynamo show with Baloff 3 years ago and it couldn't match such a blast,… Anyway it didn't prevent us from headbanging like in the old days and enjoying a great collection of classics. MARDUK then hit the stage and looked like rock stars especially the singer and pushed us to leave earlier (after half an hour) and miss SIX FEET UNDER. For the history, we kinda escaped police controls that were in the process of stopping all cars for alcohol prevention, which 5 minutes later would have been fucking lethal to me (despites all the water I drank at the end of the fest) !