Hangar, Sclaignaux (B)

There's been a long time I hadn't seen NCID on a stage, and in one way, I still haven't seen them, having remained on the back of the (packed) place drinking with friends (and considering the members ain't really tall!), but I fortunately could listen a bit to this new incarnation of one of the oldest hardcore bands of the south of Belgium. First gig with their new singer who sounded quite at ease and good despites a high-pitched voice that didn't appeal to me much. Musically I heard something that mixed their traditional Hardcore with more elaborated stuff, more variation… but as I said I wasn't 100 percent concentrated on the show, far from it.

When LAWSTREET 16 hit the stage, the small place went berserk! Legendary singer Alain RPP went totally nuts, giving all and everything, deciding he would enjoy complete exhaustion after the set! It's amazing to see the evolution this band has gone through… almost a mutation! Brussel's best, fuck the rest!

After their succes in the biggest belgian band competition that ended last week, SKATING TEENAGERS deserved headlining this show and, here again, the surprise was there. Either this Ska Punk band did choose to play softer for the competition, or they decided to play it harder and faster today because of the hardcore bands opening?! Anyway, these guys are pro and most the stuff delivered here could compete with the greatest names in that scene and believe me some tracks will get cult status one day or another!
A night to remember (as much as the hangover I had the following day!)