"Mundo", Zottegem (B)

The last show I've attended in Zottegem was over 15 years ago and this "new" place is based at less than 50 metres than the place I used to go… and is pretty cool as well. We missed the first band and came on time for DISOWN, a new belgian band Georges reviewed recently (check Belgian bands page). This Death Metal band deserves opening for such shows being better than many amateurish bands without being totally convincing. Most members give a lot and a couple of songs were more than interesting, but there is still work to be done.

After a one-hour-break (and eating some crap at the horrible local snack), BLOOD RED THRONE prooved their supremacy with their superb top quality riffs that almost no top Death Metal act is able to write… The band's presence is quite good and the experience shows a lot. Too bad the very loud sound prevented from fully enjoying the stuff and the audience didn't react as much as for the headliners.

SEVERE TORTURE have gained much popularity with their latest release. Even though this gig wasn't sold out, the crowd (quite old metal-heads!) was really into it. But once again the sound was too loud for this kind of extreme music and it ain't easy to fully appreciate ultra-fast stuff in those conditions when you don't know it by heart. Otherwise, nice band attitude, giving a lot despites the heat…

This sure wasn't my best evening of the year, but the bands did a good job and the place was cool. Maybe the fact I didn't drive prevented me from drinking more?!!