"Mundo", Zottegem (B)

We arrived on time to see NOCTIFERIA, a band from (I think) Slovakia. Those guys delivered some quite good mid-paced Death Metal that, at first, sounded quite basic and turned out to be really enjoyable after a couple of tunes. The very discreet key samples bring a frightening atmosphere and the band's motivation secured them a good response from the audience. They should have an album out on Arctic music, the label of Phil Fasciana.
Fasciana and his mates didn't headline, but delivered an intense show which also was the last one of what was a really exhausting one I guess playing 35 or 37 shows with only two days off (long distance between shows). As I had noticed at the No Mercy fest, the tracklist of this tour was better than usual, mainly the opening track, one of the highlights from "Eternal".
What could I say that I didn't say after the No Mercy fest? The new singer really is the new force in the band, giving 200 %, moving a lot and delivering the best vocal performances I've heard since their early studio work. I sincerely think this band, despites the numerous line-up changes, has remained honest and sincere, never selling out, never getting fashionable or whatever. I don't know many bands I enjoy live for over a decade, and with MALEVOLENT, the pleasure is intact. There is no "show effects", no make-up, no special attitude, just playing and enjoying it. There is nothing that will attract the masses like the "images" surrounding bands such as DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL or CANNIBAL CORPSE, but their success is increasing slowly, yet inexorably, and their audience really are into it!

IMMOLATION closed this evening a great way, I was still very impressed like at the X-mass festival, intense stuff, professional and still that sick yet cool "bold" guitarist it's hard not looking at during the whole show. And I love their gig outro!

extra pics :

Rob Barrett
Kyle Simons
Phil Fasciana
Phil again
The tour is over!!!