Second edition of the Kleudde festival and once again a very sunny day with eleven Belgian acts. From heavy metal to grindin’ death: a real inventory of the Belgian metal scene.
11: 00 A.M. was a little bit too early for us …and we had lotsa difficulties (for the second year running) to find the right way in the Flemish countryside. We just arrived at the end of the set of Three Plague Gentlemen (the guitar player can play with his teeth, his knee, his foot and behind his head…next time he shall use his dick). Other participating acts were: Thorax Serpenti (black metal), Double Diamond (heavy metal with a good « Battle Hymn » cover), Outcast (Deathcore), Self-Inflicted (Death Metal), Panchrysia (Black Metal), Suhrim (grindin’ Death Metal) and Killer (old timer Heavy Metal).

                                 Outcast: a good Deathcore set

       Self-Inflicted: cool guys, cool music…a good show despite the hot        weather.

      Panchrysia : new songs from the coming album…despites a weak       sound, despites the sun…a great show…more black, more violence,       more chaos, more Panchrysia…the top of nowadays black metal.