MJC, Couillet (BE)

Thanx to some drunken friends, we missed the local hardcore bands opening and just witnessed a ska/Reggae band and a psyche/Rock act I wouldn't do justice reviewing here since it ain't my cup of tea and very few readers would appreciate losing their time reading that.
I think it had to be almost the 10th time I saw KING PRAWN and it was probably one of the best ones! Despites having a new album and having their style a bit less aggressive with time, their set had most classics, still mixing their genuine blend of Punk, Reggae, Ska and I think a bit of Hip Hop as well. You might think this has been done one billion times before but this band is totally unique. Their asian singer has an incredible voice, very at ease with all aforementioned genres and often delivering some really superb vocals with immense feeling. Bass player probably is the key to the band's originality… this enigmatic guy behave really weird on stage and I cannot prevent from laughing each time… if you had the chance to see some of the Ali G Show(s) and you remember the character coming from Kazakstan, you might get an image of how this guy communicate with the audience! Anyway, KING PRAWN is a pure londonian band, multi-racial, multi-culturally influenced and very sincere. That's sure next time they hit our country, I'll be there again!

More pics :

singer again
bassist dancing