"Magasin 4", Brussels (B)


STRUGGLING TIME represent the new hope of the black land, Charleroi. The band has been influenced by the success of Metalcore bands such as DO OR DIE and it's obvious their set had some great moments, some songs being really outstanding, really heavy, both singers showing high motivation. Read the demo review somewhere in these pages. Too bad the band had brought a drunken audience that really got on the nerves of many of us… but can we blame a band for bringing an audience to underground shows???
LAWSTREET 16 prooved again that, without being professional musicians, you can write and play exciting tunes of basic, back-to-the-roots Hardcore, playing some killer covers and even write a fast/sick song that everybody believe it's a cover too! No kidding, the proof this band is able writing some tracks set to become "classics", "cult" or whatever. And, as always, the singer made the show, allowing all other members to remain almost static (despites a funny attempt of guitarist Arnaud who discovered the earth gravity after one single jump!)… Honestly, one of the few hardcore bands I could see twice a week!
TIME OUT are for me one of the best belgian newcomers with their excellent old-school Hardcore that brings the old feelings back, like in the 80's. You have to check them out. They're young yet very at ease and it's good to hear a new Hardcore band that ain't into Metalcore with a shitty screamer. I miss this kind of stuff and this kind of vocals reminescent of WARZONE or GORILLA BISCUITS. Too bad their set was short due to some delay and some assholes quite ruined their show preventing the audience from getting closer to the stage. Too bad also I just could take one bad picture (here on your right).
SETTLE THE SCORE are a very professional band, seemed to impress the whole place with their ultra heavy Hardcore and they probably deserved it, but this kind of violent hc doesn't appeal to me much, with those kind of vocals that always sound the same, like barking all the time. Aside my personal tastes, it's sure the band seems sincere and do their job the right way with great attitude. And it seemed to appeal to all the Kung Fu assholes who displayed their skills in the most ridiculous way possible… once again a question of taste???
INHUMAN were closing their european tour here, in the city of their latest record label to date (RPP). Once again, old-school Hardcore on offer, motivation, simplicity, no tough guys attitude, great tunes, and even some variation, mostly coming from their fantastic "Black reign" ep.


A bloody great evening with no weak band… which I haven't experienced for years (since the belgian Metalcore mafia invaded all Hardcore festivals, fuck them, fuck the organisators they influence!)