Hof Ter Lo, Borgerhout (Antwerpen, B)

Despites a quite expensive entrance fee, this night was one of the best moments we had lately.
Opening local act UNITE AGAINST SOCIETY started an average way before delivering quite good anthems of Street Punk / Oï, not unlike bands such as DISCPLINE. All tunes weren't of the same quality but some of them were really excellent, despites the lack of reaction of the crowd and the fact the band didn't seem at ease on such a large stage.
California THROW RAG were a killer surprise! Imagine some powerful Rock 'n' Roll played by the SEX PISTOLS and you'll get an image of what they sound like. Add two crazy singers, one of them playing that weird instrument mostly used by Cajun musicians (with spoons I think!) and doing a real show. Funny, entertaining and great Punk 'n' Roll.
I can't find strong words enough to describe the emotions we feel at a FLOGGING MOLLY show. An emotion so strong you keep a smile on your face while your eyes remain wet from beginning to end. That's the magic of irish Folk music (yes, the fan of MACABRE and MALEVOLENT CREATION I am can't resist to the celtic spirit…). And Folk music played by skilled musicians, with a Punk touch and a real irish singer with so much fun and love is totally irresistible. The show wasn't too short and there were a couple of tunes (including a Tom Jones cover) to push to audience to take part massively and nobody remained cold. The whole place was moving like crazy, kind of very friendly pogo. Intense emotions from beginning to end, kinda THE POGUES on speed, FLOGGING MOLLY are THE band with an immense future! Godly!