Femmes Fatales Night :
One Piece Puzzel, Keltgar, Sengir

It was the first time, I visited the « Mundo » in Zottegem…and surely not the last one (just take a look at the coming weeks program and you will be convinced).

I absolutely didn’t know One Piece Puzzel , never heard this act before and from what I saw, this evening gig was surely one of the first live presentation of the band. All in all, One Piece Puzzel is no bad band at all…some of the band’s members didn’t look too much at ease on stage but it’s just a question of time and their brand of folk dark metal already convinced lotsa listeners.

Keltgar delivers a very good set with a majority of new compositions that show the band’s nowadays musical direction. More guitar, more fast riff schemes…a very good surprise.



Sengir was the headliner of the evening and all the band’s potential was completely undermined by a very poor sound…it was almost impossible to hear the guitar parts and the female singer’s voice together. Unfortunately, Sengir needs a clear sound and tonight most of the band’s efforts were completely useless.