Hof Ter Lo, Borgerhout (Antwerpen, B)

I still don't know why THE GENERATORS and THE HEARTACHES were cancelled, but I'm glad they were replaced by such great bands. THE AGITATORS opened this party with some killer Streetpunk, delivering some incredible hymns (check their homepage and download "Candy"!). I couldn't believe there was such a great band in Belgium I had never heard about! And what's even better is the band attitude onstage : they put a lot of energy and really seem to enjoy playing despites the place was still half empty. More about them very soon!!!
German BACKSLIDE were another good surprise playing their own brand of Streetpunk, slightly more aggressive and rawer… CD review on these pages soon!
The second german band of the night was a bit different. DRITTE WAHL is a strange mix between Metal and Punk with a good dosis of fun. Weird at first, it soon became very enjoyable thanx to the catchy choruses.
Belgian Punk veterans FUNERAL DRESS brought no surprise, still doing their job an excellent way, bringing their basic aggressive Punk full of energy and motivation, and gathering a convinced and faithful crowd into massive pogo.


THE EXPLOITED are always great to see live, mainly due to the unrelentless display of energy of singer Wattie (I guess some coke or some speed help?!). This time the band played a bunch of songs they usually don't play at festivals, taking advantage there was no real time limitation. Wattie's voice wasn't 100%, far from that, but he managed proving an old band doesn't mean old, tired, worn-out musicians. Of course, the crowd required the famous "Fuck the USA" and it was fun to see the whole place raising their middle fingers in a kind of huge relief! Many will remember that small kid (5 or 6 years-old), on the singer' shoulders yelling "Sex & Violence". A very good start in his life!!!
5 Great bands, a perfect score which isn't often the case!

All pix from Laurent from Agenda Metal Belgium