Lintfabriek, Kontich

Second free show in one week in this great place and this was again for a brazilian band… Not that many people either this time to enjoy the return of CrustPunk heroes NAHENDE VERNICHTUNG.

The band had disappeared during more than 10 months, mainly due to a bike accident of the drummer. Let me tell you the guy's back for good still hitting his drumkit with such a power, I guess his drumheads are made of concrete!
Being one of their first shows, and due to the limited audience that was discovering the band, both singer and new bass player didn't seem really at ease, letting the drummer and guitarist do the show…
Despites the audience didn't really react, I heard many nice comments afterwards and I remain convinced this band could compete with some of the best Crust bands such as UNCURBED or WOLF BRIGADE!

Brazil DISCARGA was a big disappointment to me. Sure the guys are very young, but after I SHOT CYRUS the week before, and after reading their name everywhere on the internet I was expecting something more professional. I'm even unable to describe their (fast) style… We enjoyed a bit of the show, but weren't impressed. Next time maybe…

More pix (sorry for the poor quality) :

Nahende Vernichtung1
Nahende Vernichtung2