According to a bad but more and more recurring habit, we didn’t saw the first act of this evening labelled as « Night of the gothic ».
MORNING now features two guitar players and with this new line-up, the ‘dreammetal’ act shall record another demo in the coming months. For the third times, I saw AUTUMN and for the third time, this band bored me to death. They just give us the opportunity to relax a little bit after the 150kms we did to arrive in Weert. Some years ago, I surely would have praise the music played by AUTUMN…but I feel now quite unable to find myself in this band…
Last, AFTER FOREVER. It was as usual very good. A real female singer (for my opinion, the best female voice of the scene), a real growler and what makes all the difference: very good songs. A perfect show in a new venue…Thanks to AFTER FOREVER, we didn’t regret the long travel to Weert.