Cafe oude Kettel, Heist-op-den-berg, Belgium

We were very lucky on this one… When RDP drummer came last year with his other band I SHOT CYRUS (killer live despite the high-pitched screamings), he told me RDP would come to Europe in 2004. A few months ago, I searched the net to find out the band had just played a couple of festivals and I also found out they were playing a date in France and another one in Holland I think… but no full tour announced anywhere… I forgot checking out until something like the 15th october… Since I didn't know the cool http://www.uprise.be/ website I almost missed our old brazilian gods, godamnit!
This whole thing took place in a quite small pub, with no possibility to reserve a ticket and thus having a long way on the trafic jam without even knowing if we would be allowed to get in…
Anyway, THE STRUGGLE opened quite a good way with their kind of old-school Hardcore with some Thrashcore influences, mainly in vocals (some HOLIER THAN THOU? Here and there). The singer seemed to move a lot (on such a small place!), but we were quite far, well at least 4 meters!

CAPITAL SCUM are an old cult Punk/Hardcore band from the 80's, reformed a couple of years ago if I remember well. I had received a cool 7" over one year ago but had never the opportunity to witness the band onstage… If not really breathtaking, the performance was really cool, those tall guys delivering something between Thrash and Punk with a bit of Crust. I often thought to bands such as DISCHARGE for the repetitive yet effective riffing and rhythms.
Later, my girlfriend told me Gordo from RDP had just entered the packed place and I should have seen him walking before me, I watched onstage and the guy wasn't there… well, he was but I couldn't recognise him for he has lost so much weight, Billy Milano and Kerry King should ask for his recipe (by the way Gordo works on MTV Brazil on a show consisting on giving cooking recipes and interviewing artists)…
All this to introduce the new RATOS DE PORAO with a singer who has never been that fit, giving the band a new punch and kicking our arses really bad! Despite that was maybe the smallest stage they had played during their 25 years (at least) of carreer, their show raged from beginning to end, with the best tracklist they have ever played (to the show I attended so far, of course). And nobody complaint there were no cover from their masterpiece cover album from 1995 "Feijoada Accident", we just got an old DRI tune, perfect as always.
Gordo still lives his passion 200% grimacing all the time like no other singer has ever done. The best of Crustcore Punk with Grindcore influences… Come back soon please!!!