De Bogaard,Geel (Bel)

I'm sure it hasn't occured very often in my life… Imagine going to a gig and the opening band is very, very good… then, everything goes "crescendo", each band getting better than the previous one!
First SHARK SOUP who were unknown to me… This german band offered us quite a great set of very powerful mix of Punk, Rock 'n' Roll and Psychobilly mainly coming from the double bass. Great energy and killer guitarist, hope to see them again very soon.
THE BRIEFS seem to be more known than I thought. First I noticed they had several albums out before "Sex Objects" and despites it was the beginning of the tour, the new cd was already sold out!

Those guys went on a frantic show, some members sweating like the Niagara falls after only 2 songs!!! Their mix of old '77 Punk with modern power was amazing and very infectious. If at first you may wonder if their sick/silly behaviour is 100% natural, the whole set shows those guys are really into their thing and giving their utmost even in front of a limited audience.

I've been listening to their last album over and over again since their show and, believe me, there are some top class Punk hymns that deserves major attention!

TURBO AC's live to tour and it shows! Their ultrafast Surf/Punk is a fuckin' delight. Having that old guitar sound reminiscent of THE SHADOWS and other glorious Rock 'n' roll heroes, backed by fast drums and Punk energy is a fantastic recipe. The three-piece also received massive support from the audience. Note, it's the first time I see a musician (the bass player) doing his air during a show!

When the REAL MCKENZIES hit the stage, I was less excited than usual. All bands had been so great, the heat was almost unbearable and the days before this show had been really exhausting, mostly for my liver. After a few tunes, I really got into the show and believe me or not, I've seen this band 5 or 6 times and this one ended up being the sickest ever! I could tell you hundreds of details that happened during that long show. So many stories about beer, stories about the boring young kids going on stage and one of them finally being caught by Dirty Kurt who would end playing his song laying down on him. And what surprised me big time is how the band chose to play a huge amount of songs one after the other without collapsing, only stopping to have some beer and communicate a bit in their own special tradition. After the band finally leaved the stage, the singer returned and sang two songs alone and the audience knew they had lived something unique.

A great evening at a great place!