MENTATION   « Circle Of Perpetual Occultation »  

Mentation appears to be another very good dutch death metal act. «Circle Of Perpetual Occultation» is a very competent release, exposing good musicality in both songwriting and musicianship departments. Mentation play catchy melodic death metal with some black metal surroundings. Most of the tracks are caricaturised by mobile (versatile) guitar melodies (that secure a fast and easy access) and aggressive vocal works. «Circle Of Perpetual Occultation» delivers everything a nowadays death metal listener is looking for : harsh vocals, accelerated parts, melodic guitar lines and solid bass drums frameworks (even if the production doesn’t really pay justice to the drums parts). These Dutchmen can play and arrange and succeed in writing melodic death metal without sounding like just another N.W.O.S.D.M. followers. A very good demo.