«One Remorse»


This one is also pretty difficult to review. This band from Finland (Helsinki) plays a pretty eclectic style of melancholic metal that doesn’t really belong to one specific genre. With influences ranging from New Order to Darkseed or Evereve, it tends towards a gothic base, but with New Wave and dark metal influences, all the time with a very melancholic / melodic overtone. The vocals are a mix between clear speech and some more metal screams and end up lacking of the needed brutality. The album is a good mix of grey and dark atmospheres. Something that may sound fine on some occasions but that never really impacts on your emotions or gets to mean much. Quite different from what I have the use to listen to even if I already reviewed the band’s both previous works (some four years ago). I’m not sure of what else to say, as Sipher are far from my musical tastes, so I’ll leave it at that.