RADIANCE   «…And the Night Comes Down»  

Club Inferno

As I often say, Italia is well known in Europe for both its strong motorcycle riders and porno actors / stallions but to be honest the powermetal scene with famous acts such as Rhapsody, Labyrinth or Vision Divine is also praised almost everywhere. So like a lot of their compatriots, Radiance play some kind of guitar orientated power heavy metal and this «…And the Night Comes Down» is their first studio visit. To be honest, Radiance (despite the presence of two attractive guitar players) are not going to blow your socks off and set your world aflame but at least those musicians are good at what they do. Main problem for my opinion, Radiance don’t already have something a little bit original or at least innovative to offer. Their music is already heard thousand times before and the inclusion of some operatic vocal passages is the main interesting element within the concept. To sum up, nothing bad but nothing really new under the Italian sun.