GRIMLORD   «Dolce Vita Sath-an as»  

Really don’t know what to expect from this promo as I never heard of this band before and never came across their musical world. I’ve now experienced their strange universe and I have come to the conclusion that they aren’t really easy to pigeonhole. Mixing heavy metal and more black metal surroundings, Grimlord come out with some pretty weird sounding stuff. The main influence comes for my opinion from the eighties British heavy metal sound with recurring Maiden twin guitar lines but there also traces of more brutal bands and Children Of Bodom can also be quoted on different occasions. The main disappointing element is for my opinion concentrated on the vocal ground (fortunately most of the tracks didn’t feature any vocal lines) as it’s lack of the needed power to my liking and undermines the potential of the whole album. Probably too far for most of the metal readers and also too far from my musical universe but still a entertaining alternative to the nowadays overcrowded scene.