As you can guess from the name of this 4 bands split cd, we have to make with four bands emerging (for years now) from the Italian extreme metal underground. Italy hasn’t really quite a reputation for extreme music (the country is more famous for its power metal scene and for its successful masculine porno stars), so it is good to encounter compilations available to help people check Natron are not the only brutal death metal band of the country. I already reviewed the first (and until now sole if I’m right) demo of the Calabrian Land of Lore, The band plays death metal in a old school way, nothing bad at all but they sound a little bit foreseeable after a very short while. The three pieces ZORA comes from same surroundings but delivers a more interesting / professional form of brutality, the level of their three death metal songs is very consistent. From Sardinia, come the butchers of Smashhead, the band already released a first full length on the obscure Dead Bang Records and delivers brutal death with some nice gorecore surroundings. The fourth participating act (also from Sardinia), Deathcrush, despite their moniker, show absolutely no connection with Mayhem. The trio delivers brutality in a death black metal way but lack of the needed identity to really stand up on their two feet. All in all, «4 Way To Scream Your Hate» is a pleasant compilation cd.