DR GORE   «Rigore Mortis»  

As you can guess, this Italian band plays what you can regard as simple brutal deathgrindgore metal. Everything from the song titles to the art-work (?) and the Carcass cover («Ruptured In Purulence» from the 1989 full length «Symphonies of Sickness») reflects this assertion. From the first track, you can without any difficulty hear the bands that influenced those Italian musicians resonating through their sound. Unfortunately this is where it all falls down (to a certain degree) as Dr Gore song-writers are not yet as good (not surprisingly –what we have here is a demo work) as their influences, plus the production could be a little bit more professional (the drum works is completely undermined by an almost unbearable sound). Having said that this is quite an enjoyable listen if you’re a die hard fan of the genre but it sounds really too generic and even a little bit too simple to already impress the masses.