CARNAL RAPTURE   «Promo 2008»  

Fifteen years after their first demo tape, the Roma based Carnal Rapture released its third demo work…not really the most active band in the whole Italian underground scene to say the least. These musicians play what you can regard as progressive (almost jazzy) traditional technical death metal. The pattern of play is formulistic: medium paced sections, some flashy guitar solo actions, hypnotic (with some almost funky surroundings) bass patterns, technical rhythms and more melodic guitar passages all interspersed amongst one another. The demo works well as a whole: there being no isolated highlights to single out and this is also perhaps the main problem of this work, Carnal Rapture can play and arrange without any doubt but they lack of the real highlight to impose their brand of music. If bands such as Atheist, Cynic, Pestilence or even their land-mates of Sadist feature amongst your favourite death metal acts, Carnal Rapture are for you.