NEBUKADNEZZA   «There Is No Revolution… »  

One thing is for sure, this London based third pieces (even if the band’s members don‘t really have ‘British’ names) can not be accused of being narrow-minded. They mix tons of different influences and references and eventually can not really be compared with any other band. There are on the guitar department some real similarities with Slayer first works but those traces quite disappear on the second half of the album. There are also influences of the South American mid eighties deathly thrash metal wave and acts such as Overdose, Sepultura or Eminence can be encountered on many parts of the album. The music is mainly fast paced and strangely after a while, I discover more and more Thrash Hardcore crossover and Ratos De Porao become the main influence. In few words, I had expected this to be a rather mediocre affair (poor art-work…) but I was positively surprised as Nebuladnezza simply remain true to the primitive sound of the pioneer bands. Slayer meet Ratos de Porao…with some grindcore surroundings, not the world’s easiest association but a very nice piece of fun.