HEXEMEESCHTER   «Hexemeeschter»  

Everything tells you that this Luxembourgian band plays old school black metal. From the cover, the art-work and the moniker of the band you would expect Hexemmeschter to play ice-cold black music. This demo is a kind of testimony of the band’s activity as they splitted up and can now be regarded as another dead project from the past. With members actives in bands such as Funerarium and Graaweskeelt, Hexemeeschter play hateful black metal hymns which works with insanity and a dark atmosphere. This work is in the similar vein to most of the demos emerging from the Norwegian ground at the beginning of the nineties. The production is not really bombastic and undermines most of the impact of the compositions delivered here. The four tracks on offer (forget the two covers which are for my opinion not really essentials) can seem similar as the primitive black metal genre generally has little variation which can make tracks indistinguishable from others. Despite the poor production, and the lack of originality (or even should I say identity), Hexemeeschter played a kind of authentic black metal which is a real breath of fresh air in the more and more formatted nowadays scene.