We already reviewed the previous demo recorded some two years ago by this Finnish six-pieces and Stéphane already reviewed this new work with those words ‘The three tracks on offer actually remind me of The Gathering, when they were still a bit metal, with some rather nice and inspired vocals that avoid the cheap melodies most female gothic crap bands use and abuse (mainly in Finland, where Teardown hail from). The atmospheric style never really sounds too melancholic and the musical background fits the style without giving absolute control to the vocalist.
No (female) vocal extravaganza like in Pin-up Went Down, but a very promising quality band I'm really glad to discover. Respect!’
We don’t always (often) share the same feeling but this is also how I regard those three new tracks. Without really offering something innovative or even original (Gathering can indeed be quoted as influence), Teardown succeed in creating something personal in blending very effectively different sub-genres of gothic metal: depressive dark surroundings, catchy rock passages, grey doom references… the whole highlighted by the vocal performance of a talented female singer.
Good demo.