GILLMORE   «Rigor Mortis Of Souls»  

I didn’t listen to this kind of foreseeable heavy metal music for years. I usually gave hypercritical review to most of the nowadays heavy metal releases and here I find myself with a new half heavy / half stoner rock demo which is very far from my musical taste. To be honest, «Rigor Mortis Of Souls» sounds quite predictable to my ears (clean vocal works, foreseeable solo actions and old-school keyboard lines which directly get on my nerves after a short while) but having said that, «Rigor Mortis Of Souls» is quite better than most of the sub-standard shit released by Locomotive Records (amongst others) these days. Of course there are many things that could improve with a special mention to the keyboard lines. Not my kind of music but still quite enjoyable as background music. Strange, I heard some New-Wave background in the vocal department.