TIMOR   «Aeons Of Despite»  

Well this Swiss five pieces caused some mixed feelings for me with this «Aeons Of Despite» which is if I’m right first full length. Timor are a band hard to define into any particular category, I often find the best and most descriptive words about band’s musical direction from their biography and if the sticker melodic death thrash is indeed a right picture of Timor, it isn’t really efficient enough to give you a view of the whole story. Basically, they’re playing technical yet melodic death metal coupled with thrash metal influences, but the bands that regularly came to my mind at the listen of «Aeons Of Despite» are As I Lay Dying (see elsewhere in those pages), the German Night In Gales and above all At The Gates. That The Gates have spawned such a glut of imitators to me is a real misery. Sure they were good but they quickly realized that their last release couldn’t be bettered and chosen to stop before becoming a copycat of themselves. Echoes of the aforementioned acts are everywhere and «Aeons Of Despite» appears to me as another new wave of Scandinavian death thrash metal, proficiently played, proficiently produced, very well written and as a matter of fact adored by only very young nowadays death metal listeners. Very good indeed but surely hated by no one truly into extreme music.