SUSPICIONA   «An Inner War»  

A project from the outskirts of Montpellier (France). After having recorded a first six tracks demo some two years ago, the band strikes back with a new EP. In few words, Suspiciona are what most of the nowadays listeners can label as melodic death black metal…additionally, «An Inner War» is not really what I’d personally call black metal but, just as it’s the case with most of the nowadays meloblack releases, more like symphonic, guitar orientated epic death metal rooting in black metal surroundings…and not for the worse actually. Suspiciona are a talented and promising bunch and the only weak point I’m able to find in their musical universe is perhaps the lack of a real identity. On the other side, the band’ song-writers show enough talents to catch the attention from the first to the last track. At first spin, these musicians don’t seem like anything special but the continuous intensity coupled with the catchy guitar lines kept me listening long enough to realize that they are on the right side of the road. With some more identity, Suspiciona can have a bright future.