MORIOR AXIS   «Promo 2008»  

Each stuff received in the PullTheChain mailbox is reviewed in those pages and air-played at our weekly radio show… and this is the same story for almost two decades now. What we received here is a (quite professional) promo clip recorded by the Polish act Morior Axis. I just took the opportunity to add the review we made more than two years ago of their «Sudetian Winter» demo.
This is one of the best demos coming from Poland I have reviewed in quite some time and as you know there are numerous fantastic unsigned acts in the Polish underground metal scene. In terms of arrangement, musical prowess and delivery, «Sudetian Winter» is quite harsh to match. The five long compositions of this demo (for a total playing time of a little bit more than thirty minutes) are ultra enjoyable and catchy death metal / black metal hybrid in the very best sense of the world. Morior Axis don’t really discover new musical paths throughout «Sudetian Winter» but their mixture of melodic black metal and European orientated death metal is a real pleasure for anybody into Behemoth, Shadow Lands…On the other side, don’t let me scare you, Morior Axis are absolutely not a Behemoth clone, exhibiting more of a melodic side with touches of mid-paced Scandinavian death metal passages. Another strong point is Irhell’s vocals which are very audible and compliment the music very well. As already said, one of the best demo-work coming from Poland.