HEAVING EARTH   «Vision Of The Vultures»  

Nihilistic Holocaust

I just took a look to the ‘thanks list’ and more explicit than anything else, it gives you the right picture of the three tracks delivered here. Names such as Azagtoth, Vincent, Rutan, Mc Entee, Vigna, Dolan … amongst others give you some clues about the musical vision of this Prague based four pieces (which by the way features two Intervalle Bizarre members). With such famous American death metallers in the list, there is no surprise that there is a heavy Morbid Angel vibe to the music and believe it or not they at times also sound a bit like Immolation and Hate Eternal also. Unfortunately, the very poor production work makes «Vision Of The Vultures» a very exhausting listen. There is absolutely no doubt as to the song-writing qualities of Heaving Earth members but the ‘local’ production undermines most of the impact of the songs recorded here.