«Defleshing The Innocent»


Self Released


Surely you can’t miss «Defleshing The Innocent» (what an apt title) if you are into brutal and groovy American death metal sliced with some mid-paced (Bolt Thrower) parts as well. Even if you can not really talk about the highlights of innovation here, you cannot deny that our land-mates deliver this kind of Six Feet Under meet Obituary like music very well. First because the playing is flawless and the song-construction efficient enough to make your head bang from the first to the last notes. With obvious inspirations in the States, Demolished can confidently hold its own with the above mentioned references. The impressive bass / drums frameworks, groovy riffing and guttural vocal works are deadly serious in both delivery and intent to smash your skull into liquid. Debauchery’s last full length was to my ears somewhat of a disappointment, «Defleshing The Innocent» is my cure.