ART NOIR   «Symphonies Funèbres»  

Frozen Ruins Productions

From the cover (skull, bones and crosses everywhere) and the title of the album, you would expect Art Noir to play hateful black metal. You would also expect a pretty ‘underground’ attitude regarding the fact that this French two pieces features members of Frozen Darkness, Enodre or Insultus Dei. Well, in few words, you’d be right as «Symphonies Funèbres» features four tracks of melodic (at times even melancholic) hateful black metal. Art Noir really cover all bases of atmospheric black metal charter on this effort (their first one if I’m right) with ice-cold vocals, melodic guitar schemes and atmospheric keyboards sections. Those entire independent elements combine together to form a massively enjoyable (but on the other side absolutely not original) hybrid. Band’s roots can be founded somewhere between Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. A nice un-original work.