RICTUS GRIN   «Resurrection»  


I already reviewed the previous self-released full length recorded by this American thrash metal band and what we get here is once again some kind of funny old school thrash metal music. The main intent of the threesome is to play fun orientated thrash metal (you should with a song such as «Beer and Waffles») but don’t let me scare you with this assertion Rictus Grin’s musicians are very good at what they do. The album basically is an amalgam of heavy metal, speed metal and American thrash metal. The separate elements are clearly perceptible either in connection with or individually per song. Not only does it makes «Resurrection» very ‘listenable’ for a large array of listeners as well as it compliments the diversity factor. Some shouted / growled vocal works also add the needed nowadays touch and nicely contrast with the old school spirit of the whole project. A nice little album with a good entertaining value.