Surely you can’t miss the Vienna based Floodland if you’re into gothic and depressive rock metal spiced with some Type O Negative parts as well. This kind of music seems to be very successful in Germany and Austria but you can’t talk about the highlights of originality here. You cannot deny that Floodland deliver this kind of dark music very well because the playing really seems interesting but to sound as a mix of Evereve, Sisters Of Mercy and the likes isn’t nowadays enough at least when there are tons of same sounding band around. Still in terms of both ambiance and musicianship, Floodland beat most of those pathetic Moonspell / Type O Negative / Sisters Of Mercy copy-cats. As you guess if you sometimes visit those pages, my knowledge in the field of dark wave / gothic rock is quite minimal (to say the least) but I yet enjoy most of the ambiance delivered throughout «Nameless».