EMPYROS   «The Spectre of Ballantre»  


My first thought when I received «The Spectre of Ballantre» in my mailbox was “great another original death metal band from the land of Nailboard Records” and as usual with this kind of prejudice I was completely wrong. Indeed, Empyros come from the cool Estonia but there is absolutely nothing in connection with the death metal scene in their first (self-released) full-length. The band plays what you can regard as relevant heavy rock metal…a genre that I’m not too much into. Fortunately, the vocal lines are quite powerful (for a band of this nature) and didn’t offer the ultra boring high-pitched screams. I wouldn’t call Empyros a great band, as they sound a little bit foreseeable in a genre already heard so many times before, however the guitar lines (and mainly the solo actions) deserve respect for delivering some enjoyable passages and they doesn’t sound like all those Germans / Italians power heavy metal bands…which is something of a novelty in heavy metal nowadays.