DUAL-COMA   «Program H.A.T.E.» + «Bulletproof Heart»  


I already reviewed the first studio visit recorded by this Polish death thrash metal band and within a few weeks our beloved postman dropped in our box, both Dual Coma‘s new release. The band plays what you can regard as technical yet efficient modern death thrash metal with lotsa different atmospheres. To be honest, it took me some time to get used to their explosive mix of brutality and technique. A big number of technical guitar patterns are following each others and song-structures are quite unexpected containing different moods as well as a lot of breaks. The vocal work also alternates the usual deep death metal growling with tons of clear (often thrash influenced) passages. As said, musically Dual-Coma are technical death thrashing metal and surely not the most straight forward kind of. They seem to know precisely how they want to sound and even if it’s sometimes difficult to follow the band in its musical labyrinth, it’s quite obvious that they are trying to find their own sound between all their influences. Old-school influenced modern death thrash can eventually be a good start to summarise what we encountered on their works. Nice job, gentlemen.