Some introductions borrowed from horror movies, some alternations of fast and more groovy parts, some heavy guitars and a pig voice, we are here no doubt with a well underground goregrind production. And even if the bands of this genre are legion in the grindcore scene and that they seem to play all the same thing, the fan won’t be able to hide his pleasure by listening to this Extracting The Bowels, which is not always favoured by the sound for sure but which is although correct. Indeed it’s possible to headbang more than once during the 15 tracks of this disc. We are not bored during the 24 minutes of listening.
Unfortunately we have not real information about this band. So it’s difficult to talk about other thing than the music but finally that’s the most important.
The facts are there. That’s true, Corrosive Gastric Hemorrhage is a grindcore formation as there are hundreds of others but it’s not a reason to forget it.