BLINDRACE   «Seeing Red»  


Metal Queen Management

Well, this Blind Race coming from Canada is what I can regard as an odd case, I even get the feeling that they are in a wrong zine since BlindRace are a band playing grunge rock metal or something like that. «Seeing Red» is their first album and as you guess they are still much unknown on the European continent. The band’s own definition for their music is an unexpected range of musical styles mixed together with influences such as Pantera (not that much), System Of A Down (from time to time), Alice In Chains (indeed) and Godsmack (surely the most obvious one for my opinion). Add some Soundgarden background and you get the picture of the music displayed throughout the eleven songs of this «Seeing Red». My nowadays knowledge in this particular styles are around zero, so I’m unable to find something very exciting here but it’s just a matter of (good) taste. Make your own opinion